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About BrooksAudio

This site is here to illustrate how we can help YOU across a range of technical audio, music production and education contexts.

Bill has around 20 years experience in various audio roles, including:

* Consulting for a large music industry AVLM group working on trend analysis, digitisation and data driven innovation with a focus on rapid prototyping of new concepts for emerging markets.

* Working as a sound system design specialist for a world leading speaker manufacturer.

* Recording, editing and designing spatial audio content for bespoke surround sound systems.




 * Creating and delivering education packages for university, corporate and one to one customers.

* Creating, editing and mixing sound for Film, TV and computer games.  

* Mixing front of house and monitors for live music and corporate events.

* 100 independent music releases and many more studio productions as a producer / technician.


It is likely that BrooksAudio will be able to support you to achieve better sound in your project; whether through consultation, collaboration or education.

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Bill Brooks

Bill Brooks

Audio Specialist

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